Generation Wars Episodes

werewolf wedding

Love sparks magic, which would be a good thing if too much didn’t lead to war.

Now that Dove and Hunter have lived together for a year, both are secretly planning to propose. But first, they must get the pack alpha’s approval. Unfortunately, war may come before they can say I do and live happily ever after.

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vampire fledgling

Brandy couldn’t have picked a worst time to almost die.

Mavrick is rallying the troops; but as an illegal fledgling, Brandy must hide to protect her sire. While Damon spends his last night of freedom trying to win Dove’s heart, Brandy gets acquainted with her new life as a vampire.

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Vampire Traitor

Prince Mavrick is out for blood. Too bad there’s a traitor in his ranks.

The Vampire Prince has more than a cold. Now that Damon knows his evil plan, he’s fighting against time to warn the werewolves. If he doesn’t succeed, all of Dewhurst will be under attack. Dove is more at risk than anyone.

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*This season will eventually be released as a bind-up edition. Cover may switch to season two depending on how long season one is, but the content will be what’s reflected in this trailer.