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When to Start Branding

Related imageLet’s just say that I literally got the notion to publish a serial series two days ago. Since then, I’ve done the following: created a Twitter account, set up a newsletter, bought a domain name, created this website, designed a logo and variations for social media, plotted the general outline of my series, filmed authortube videos for a channel that doesn’t exist, wrote a blog post, made a cover, decided I didn’t want to make another and hired a cover designer, came up with character names, and planned a general release scheduled.

That’s a ridiculous amount to accomplish in three days, but there’s a glaring problem with this. Or so it would seem to onlookers.

I haven’t written a single word of the series. Do titles count? 13 words. Yay me!

It sounds outrageous to throw money at a project that won’t go anywhere, but I’ll call it motivation. The money is spent, and there’s no getting it back. I better work my butt off to make the loss of time and money worth it.

I do things out of order. Marketing and launching a book is hard word. I know it needs to be done, so I do it first. When I start writing, I can relax knowing all I have to do when I’m done is upload the file to Amazon.

It’s important to get a head start on branding because it’ll be harder when you’re nearing a publication date. Plus, you need people to want your book. What better way to want that accomplishment for yourself than to announce to the world that you‘re not going to stop until you’ve met your goal.

It’s easy to stay motivated when the idea is perfect in your head. Watching how it fails to translate to paper makes believing in your work harder. Ideas are perfect and stories are crap. Get used to it. Write your book blurbs before you ever start writing. Embrace the confidence and clarity you have in these fleeting moments of perfection when everything you imagine seems possible.

So I work out of order. Maybe you should too. See if the good vibes help your writing process and more effectively promote your books.

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