Generation Wars

Step into the Darkness


Hello, everyone. You may have noticed there are no books out just yet. Rest assured, they are coming. I bought a domain and a logo, so I can’t turn back now. I’ve always wanted to do an epic serial series, and I finally landed on an idea. I know many people are sick of vampires, so mine has a twist.

It’s dark; it’s eerie; it’s sexy. All lives are at stake.

There are no immortal vampires.

There is no pining female.

That’s not to say those stories aren’t swoon-worthy. They’re just not the version I want to tell. Mine is more like “Beauty and the Beast” without the Stockholm syndrome. Instead of him needing her to make him human, he needs her to make him a beast. Plus, there’s a war going on and his people are kept in a purgatory he can’t enter. He’s been in a castle his whole life with only ghosts and supernaturals to raise him.

All seems hopeless as the werewolves try to kill him before he can mate and fulfill the prophecy that will set his people free. And when he meets the girl who might be his mate, neither of them are convinced they can fall in love or that she is the prophesied night walker. If he chooses the wrong mate, he’ll be weakened.

The stakes are higher than ever, but not everyone will risk their life for peace or even survival.

I hope you’re as excited as I am for Generation Wars series. If you want to know when it releases, consider following this blog or signing up for my newsletter. From time to time, I maybe release a few ARCs, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your inbox. If you need a paranormal fix, you know where to find me.

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